Saturday, 23. 7. 2005
Sebastian Kawa
SZD-48 3M Brawo
6640 pts.
Pavel Loužecký
Czech Republic
LS 8
6480 pts.
Wolfgang Janowitsch
Ventus 2CX/18m
6454 pts.
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2006-04-18 12:12:31 (News from Competition)
The Grand Prix pilots are all in the air so let me see whether they form any shape together before start

2005-07-23 11:23:41 (News from Competition)
The EGC 2005 in Nitra is over. The camping is almost empty, the trailers are ready to leave. Many good-byes everywhere. Just hope to see us again. To use the words of Angela: See you some day somewhere in the world....

2005-07-23 09:45:27 (News from Competition)
Good morning. The camping is getting empty, but we still have some time to spend together. Prize giving ceremony is about to start in 20 minutes.

Another wonderful event is over. Almost 3 weeks of intensive flying. Many times in weather the pilots would never fly but during the Championships, this was a challenge. Outlanding memories we will never forget. In this case, there was probably not better competition that would get closer to „audience”. People form villages in Slovakia (but also Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary) had unusual occasion to see landing gliders just in front of their faces in the field. After hard times the teams had at the beginning, these had changed into funny stories to be re-tell later. Discovering „unknow” land in the middle of Europe that offers many faces of ground shapes and weather changes. Never the same. ...
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fotoDay4 2005-07-13
European Storm Championships 2005
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