Saturday, 23. 7. 2005
Sebastian Kawa
SZD-48 3M Brawo
6640 pts.
Pavel Loužecký
Czech Republic
LS 8
6480 pts.
Wolfgang Janowitsch
Ventus 2CX/18m
6454 pts.
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FAI International Pilots Ranking List

Day14 2005-07-23 Prize-giving-ceremony photo by Elfo [pictures 32]

Medals, Diplomas, Flowers and of course, the Winners.

Day13 2005-07-22 Starts photo by Elfo [pictures 32]

Yellow shark and little girl. Last starts.

Day13 2005-07-22 Landings photo by Elfo [pictures 46]

Last competition day - landings.

Day13 2005-07-22 Farewell-Party photo by Vierka [pictures 51]

All have enjoyed the very last evening of the competition.

Day12 2005-07-21 Starts photo by Elfo [pictures 50]

Starting feelings with some dramatic clouds...

Day12 2005-07-21 Landings photo by Elfo [pictures 21]

Several landing pictures.

Day11 2005-07-20 photo by Elfo [pictures 43]

Sleeping pilot & the airfield from the air.

Day11 2005-07-20 Landings photo by Elfo [pictures 31]

Some interesting arrivals from south ...

Day11 2005-07-20 International-Evening photo by Elfo [pictures 35]

Every nation presented his own food and alcohol. Very nice evening...(oh my head!)

Day9 2005-07-18 photo by Elfo [pictures 23]

When everything is perfect, it's very difficult to take a thrilling shot.

Day9 2005-07-18 Evening photo by Elfo [pictures 17]

Models. Kids. Enjoyable evening...

Day8 2005-07-17 photo by Elfo [pictures 82]

Sundays grid idle vs start activity.

Day7 2005-07-16 Saturday photo by Elfo [pictures 67]

The quatrefoil brings not only fortune.

Day6 2005-07-15 SlovakEvening photo by Elfo [pictures 63]

Very nice Slovak evening...

Day6 2005-07-15 Mr.President photo by Elfo [pictures 73]

Welcome, Mr.President of the Slovak Republic !

Day5 2005-07-14 photo by Elfo [pictures 88]

A day without thunderstorm is not valid competition day.

Day4 2005-07-13 photo by Vierka [pictures 10]

While daddies are in the air...

Day4 2005-07-13 photo by Elfo [pictures 50]

European Storm Championships 2005.

Day3 2005-07-12 photo by Vierka [pictures 13]

Afternoon activities

Day3 2005-07-12 photo by Elfo [pictures 6]

Weather. Hmmmm.... (cancelled tasks)

Day1 2005-07-10 photo by Elfo [pictures 1]

First competition day, cancelled tasks.

Day opening ceremony [pictures 8]

Opening Ceremony 9-Jul-2005. Nice raining day :)